Supply & delivery of Power Cables along with Cable lugs in SAPDC Arun-3 HEP, Nepal. (PPR-153/2023)

As per Tender Document NIT Date: 16-05-2023 Last Date of Submission: 06-06-2023 View Tender Details OPEN

Civil works of Tail Race Pond, outfall of Arun-3 HEP and Intake Structure with Tunnel located in Sankhwasabha Distt. of Nepal.

As per Tender Document NIT Date: 17-02-2023 Last Date of Submission: 24-03-2023 View Tender Details

Hydro-Mechanical Works - Pressure Shaft Steel Liner of Arun-3 HEP.

As per tender document NIT Date: 10-02-2023 Last Date of Submission: 31-03-2023 View Tender Details

Supply and installation of UPS at various locations of SAPDC Arun-3 HEP, NEPAL

As per Tender Document NIT Date: 11-10-2022 Last Date of Submission: 13-11-2022 View Tender Details